The Perfect Antibiotic

The past two weeks have been somewhat quite eventful. Among other things, I rolled out a small scale beta PHP app at work, designed a test WP site and deployed it for a WebCraft project, and started dabbling with OpenStreetMaps and JQuery. But another thing happened too. I had a horrible toothache!  Continue reading


Why Lord, Why??

I’m sure we’ve all had our moments of disaster. It’s simply the order of things–Murphy’s law does indeed apply everywhere one looks it seems. Pessimism aside though, it’s how we react to adverse situations that really determines how we move forward with our lives. Would you believe as well that this can be a key determinant in your relationship with God?  Continue reading

Touch and Go…

Ever observed a train of ants on a mission? It’s an interesting sight. The single line you notice tends to be actually two lines, one towards the target and the other back to the nest. There’s a constant series of brief collisions that happens in-between. Ants going bump into ants returning, and who knows, perhaps they exchange a bit of insectile information, and then move on as busy as can be. Whatever happens during that terribly short event is probably forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily events.  Continue reading

To Lose it, or to Save it?

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. — Matthew 16:25

Money. A new car (or two). A big house. You know you want it. The flat screen TV. That trip to Hawaii. That new Kinect addon for your XBox 360. Shall I go on? I doubt I need to. We all want something. Most of our goals are centered around having or attaining things that we deem will better our lives and therefore make us happier. In a sense we establish out reference points and worldly outlooks around material items, because they seem to be the only articles that make an iota of difference to our lives. But what happens when they go? They age, and rot (and if they don’t, they’ll just outlive you anyway). We are transient, very much life grass in a field as the Word says. Is it therefore worth it to have everything–but not have the one thing that counts? Is living for oneself then, truly satisfying? Continue reading


Okay so I’ve successfully relocated from my previous blog Think In Light of Eternity over at This wasn’t really my decision–I prayed about it and was led here, so I’m just trusting God that everything works out. I hope to be spending a lot of time here as I reflect on how the Lord is working in my life.