Many Are Called, But Few Are…Chosen…?

A shot of the Head Table at my wedding reception. Done by Karl Anderson. Couldn't have asked for a better photographer! 😀

A recent devotional that my wife and I did led us to the passage of Scripture that dealt with the parable of the Wedding Feast. To make a short story..well..short-er…a King had invited some guests to his wedding banquet. However many of the persons invited either ignored the invitation or they beat the servants up pretty badly (maybe they were having a rotten day or something). The King got angry and torched the city in short order. He then commanded his servants to go and invite just about anyone they could find since those who had been invited were not worthy. It was done, but in the midst of everyone, the King found someone who did not have his wedding clothes on. When asked how he got in, he was speechless. Needless to say, he was thrown out with the famous captioned conclusion of “for many are called, but few are chosen”. Continue reading